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Concorde Aluminium

F UC 2

Units: 20
Segment: Racing
Material: Aluminum
Front/Hind: Front
Clips: No clips
Section: Section to Size
Horseshoe Size: 2
Bar Width (mm): 18
Shoe Width (mm): 113
Perimeter (mm): 298
Thickness (mm): 8

Concorde Aluminium


The Concorde model in aluminium has the same features as the regular Concorde horseshoe but at a much lower weight. The Concorde aluminium horseshoe is the perfect choice where weight must be reduced to a minimum, for example in flat racing. However, horses with sensitive hooves and/or horses that are in rehabilitation after a leg injury can also benefit from the advantages of the aluminium version of the Concorde.

Concorde European Thoroughbred Aluminum Racing Plates Concorde Turf Front & Hind With a flush toe grab, where protruding toe grabs are not allowed. Concorde XLT Front & Hind Same as our front & hind plates, but with a .08" steel toe grab. Concorde Regular Toe Front & Hind.

The ultimate in traction with a .24" steel toe grab. Concorde 2-Degree Regular Toe Hind Our 2-Degree wedge hind plate features a firm stable heel support for running horses, combined with a .24" steel toe grab. Also, assists in faster breakover.